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Topics That We Cover Includes

Legal Compliance

This is vital since they decide how your company should work without violating the law.

With the advent of new and stringent rules, this is a vital course to avoid unnecessary legal action. This is a must course if you desire to have continuous success in this industry. We have access to elite members of who can guide you and help you take it to new heights.

Sales Development

Through a well-structured direct seller’s education programs the network base grows.

Our experience has shown that many organizations do not operate a “Sales Development” program. In absence of such a program the company becomes direct seller driven instead of corporate driven. This needs to be avoided if "longevity" is the corporate vision.

Presentation Skills

A good presentation sells and closes itself but presenters need to be taught how to present.

Being a good speaker does not make you a good presenter. Over the years we have developed many of the industry's top presenters and through our program we can develop yours too. We make sure you stay updated and on their toes.

Client Handling

A specialist field in its own right, customer care can either make or break your business.

Your telephone team is the front line of your company. They are your gatekeepers and represent your company to the world at large. We take every step possible to ensure that your customer care department is the best that it can possibly be.

Success and wealth in Network Marketing are the result of doing things in a certain way. There is a recipe for success and wealth.

The problem is most of us were taught the recipe for failure and financial struggle. It does not matter how hard we work, or how smart we are, how amazing our product is, or how well the compensation plan pays, if we do not follow the right path for success and wealth, we will remain poor. One cannot succeed in Network Marketing until they learn and apply the right strategy for success and wealth.

We offer a modern approach for those Entrepreneur wanting to succeed in their Direct Sales Business. What makes our training program unique and successful is our vast knowledge and approach to direct sales.

Without proper knowledge companies companies get shut down and lose their network. Few of the serious problem you may face without proper knowledge are listed below -

You will not only learn about Universal Laws of Success, you will be living them.


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Our Institute of direct sales is driven by the zeal to excel in every endeavour that it undertakes. Our focus is on providing the best knowledge and training in the field of direct sales to our clients to enhance their chances of success.

We continue to work to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills according to the changes in this dynamic marketplace and help in training you with most updated curriculum.

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